Randall M. Foster, author of TWO GUN JAKE, at his writer's desk answering FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

“Randall, what’s your background?”

“Randall, you’re a screenwriter and an author! Have you always had a knack for writing?”

“Randall, what secrets have you been hiding?”

These are all questions I receive a lot. FAQ they call it. And I’ll answer them for you, here on my blog. 

I’m going to happily answer your questions but this needs to be a short story. Because I can see that with each answer, I’m going to create another question, possibly two. And it is time for the big confession, because I’ve been keeping some dark secrets from the last century too long.

This work might take ten pages, hopefully no more, but the subject is painful and so I will be as brief and to-the-point as I can be. So, let’s have a little show-and-tell to give you all not only the answers, but a context you will need for understanding. And please forgive me if at times you feel I might be trembling as I wade through those memories, in those deep swamps and terrifying places.

Starting today I will drop everything, from Two-Gun Jake’s script to the rewrite of Cowboy (it’s not a western) and write this short story for all of you. Now, I will tell you a little-bit about how I write.

I will write something completely, hammering away at it until I have the first draft, and this is the only part of writing that is fun. After that I will work ten pages over and over again until I have them the way I want, letting them sit in the cellar as I like to say, overnight, or until I get back from grocery shopping or whatever other task was at hand. And work them again. Sometimes ten pages can take me weeks before I have them right.

Thank you for the questions, and I will answer all of them shortly. But some pages will be dark and scary. If some of you have to leave the light on, don’t be ashamed.

I must go on my five mile walk now. If I don’t exercise, I fall into that deep pit of depression and can’t get out very quickly. 

Some of you understand.

– Randall M. Foster

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