Reading provides an escape that isn’t easy to get from other sources of entertainment. And Two Gun Jake is a private detective action-adventure book that offers a unique experience to readers you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Through this book, you can go on an adventure as a private detective- solve mysteries, escape from dangerous villains, and help keep innocents safe.

About the Book

Follow Jake Woods, a former police officer turned private investigator, as he protects a couple from a madman. This book will venture through deep, real emotions and experiences readers might encounter in their own lives, and the story is based on two real crimes the author learned about during his time in prison.  (Go to

About the Author

Randall M Foster has had a whirl wind of a life, which has given him a lot of unique experiences to pull from to create an engaging, action-filled private detective adventure book. After spending over a year in Vietnam, he was nearly sent to prison due to a false testimony – and he did this all while suffering from bipolar disorder.

Foster has also written a number of other yet-unpublished books that he’s nearly ready to unleash into the world, including Dead Men to Town, The Killing Sport, and The Unlikely Victim.

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